Which Skylight Is Best?

Trying to figure out which skylight will be best for your home? After all, it’s going to alter your living space in a permanent way. It’s important that you choose a skylight that has a track record of excellence, one that won’t leak, and has multiple options available to ensure it’s right for your space.

Top Skylight Brands

Alberta Skylights is a certified Velux installer. Why Velux? Velux has been in the industry for over eighty years, and they are known around the world for their quality. They have the most advanced and diverse product offering, industry leading quality, engineering and innovation, and their skylights are tested to perform in the harshest climates around the world.

Available Skylight Options

We install Velux skylights because it gives our customers options. Traditional skylights or sun tunnels for smaller spaces. Skylight blinds in multiple designs and colors. Velux glass with an advanced triple Low-E protective coating, dual sealed and injected with Argon gas. Patented No Leak technology with three layers of water protection. Manual and remote controlled opening and closing. The options are almost endless.

Certified Installation

The relationship between Velux and their certified installers is a strong one. We are certified to install this top-of-the-line product so that you know the structural integrity of your home, along with its look and feel, will never be compromised.

Trust the best manufacturer which certifies the best installers. Have Alberta Skylights install your Velux.

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