When do Skylights need to be replaced?

A skylight is a gorgeous addition when it comes to improving the visual appearance of your home. After installing a skylight, you also need to have basic information about the service life of the skylight. 

Although skylights add to the aesthetic value of your home, the maintenance or the replacement could be demanding. Skylights normally do not need to be replaced often, but it is always better to have professional insights about the right time to replace them. 

Expected Age of Skylights 

The life of skylights depends upon many factors like scheduled maintenance, quality installation, and the quality of the skylight itself. Most professionals suggest replacing skylights every ten to fifteen years, but that is not a universal rule. Some homeowners prefer replacing skylights when they opt for roofing services. 

If you are not sure if it is the right time to replace a skylight, you can ask for professional help. Expert suggestions are highly valuable as these tasks need to be dealt with extreme care in order to prevent leaks and damage to your home. 

When is the right time for the skylight replacement?

Some different signs and issues indicate that it’s time for skylight replacement. Consider the following factors:

When the skylight is leaking

If the skylight is leaking, it may be time to replace it, especially if it is an older skylight. Depending on the cause of the leak, it may be possible to repair. However, an expert will be able to assess if the skylight has failed permanently and needs to be replaced.

Cracks on the Glass

Moisture problems can develop when cracks are present in the skylight. This can occur from impacts such as tree limbs or heavy hail, but also from changes in humidity over time.

You need to look closely at the skylights if you suspect any cracks in them, as they will not only look unattractive – they may let in the elements.

When a new roof is being installed

If you are planning to install a new roof for your house, skylights can also be replaced at the same time. Like replacing a roof, skylight replacement is not a simple task. Professional installation will ensure that you don’t end up with an improperly installed skylight.

Final Verdict 

If you are on a budget or your skylight was installed fairly recently, it may be possible to repair your skylights rather than replacing them. However, a professional installer will be able to assess if the skylight needs to be replaced.

Improper repair or replacement may lead to further damage to your home, and a larger bill to correct it. Seek the advice of a contractor who has experience with all types of skylights and sun tunnels and who will be able to give you an honest opinion.

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