What Is A Sun Tunnel?

If you’re looking to add natural light to a space, skylights are very often the way to go. But what about out-of-the-way areas, small spaces or ones which are hard to access? You may consider a sun tunnel.

A sun tunnel is a tubular skylight. A tube runs from the interior space to the outside of the roof with reflective material inside, channeling sunlight down the sun tunnel and into your home. Because of their smaller size, sun tunnels can be used in places like closets, hallways, bathrooms and laundry areas.

Despite their smaller size, sun tunnels provide excellent light output from the sun because of their design. What’s more, sun tunnels are not limited by being installed in straight lines. With flexible tubing, they can be installed around attic obstructions or into tight spaces where a skylight may not be able to go. This also means they can be used in spaces where the distance between the roof and ceiling is too long for traditional skylights.

Fill your home with natural light, even in the most unlikely of places. Get a quote on a sun tunnel from Alberta Skylights.

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