Can Skylights Open?

Apart from aesthetic addition to your space, skylights are meant to be practical too. The prime purpose of skylight installation is to allow light in your room without disturbing your privacy. However, skylights can greatly increase comfort and indoor air quality as well.

These are not just fixed frames, but you can open skylights for better lighting and ventilation. An HVAC system can be an expensive option to control the temperature of your room during hot months but having skylights helps to maintain temperature with proper ventilation with the least effort. 

Can you open Skylights?

Yes, skylights can be opened for better lighting and ventilation. Both automatic and manual skylight units are available in the market. The manual method usually comes with mechanical parts like a chain, pole, or crank for opening and closing operations. 

Automatic skylights come with remote or button controls. Usually, skylights open outward for a better flow of air. Venting skylights cost more than fixed units, but these operable units can increase your summertime comfort. When it comes to skylights, consider the indoor air quality for your family and guests.

Why do you need to open Skylight?

When you add venting skylights to the highest points of your home, you will create the stack effect. The stack effect works by drawing in fresh air from the vertical windows, in conjunction with opening programmable skylights, the hot air will be pulled out through the skylight. This leaves you with a natural fresh breeze in your home

By opening a skylight in your home you will allow smells and toxins to escape through the roof. This will increase your indoor air quality, making for a better night’s sleep and a much fresher, healthier environment to live in.

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