Can Skylights Leak?

Skylights are popular in Canada for some good reasons, as they add not only aesthetic value to your building but also provide cooling and light for your space. As these installations are exposed to harsh weather conditions, you may wonder: do skylights leak? This is the most important question that every property owner has in mind. 

Some users are afraid that skylights will leak, and some think skylights are going to leak sooner or later. Well, if you have installed an older or poor quality skylight, they are prone to leakage and might cause serious damage to your property. 

Can all Skylights Leak? 

Here is an interesting fact: Velux skylights can resist Canadian weather conditions throughout their lifespan. No Leak Skylights by Velux are known to be the safest and most durable skylights in the Canadian market. 

Three patented layers of water protection provide guaranteed resistance against any possible leak. Velux skylights can be used with any type of roofing material, so you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of Velux skylights with your existing roofing material. 

The No-Leak Velux Skylight 

The flashing and seals in typical skylights deteriorate with time, and they may start to leak. The no-leak skylight by Velux is engineered to tackle this challenge in the most efficient way. Every Velux no-leak skylight comes with these three protection layers:

  • Gasket

Instead of using wet seals, Velux comes with a pre-attached curb gasket, and this feature offers a caulking-free and airtight seal. There is not even the slightest opportunity for water to leak from the skylight. The design scheme specially focuses on the durability of the skylight without compromising on the aesthetics. 

  • Adhesive Underlayment 

For even better and longer protection against water leaks, the additional underlayment of super adhesives provides great resistance against extreme weather conditions. Super designs and the use of quality adhesives make Velux the ultimate skylight provider in Canada. 

  • Flashing

Expert installers will take care of every aspect of Velux installation so that the primary water protection layer stays intact with highly-engineered flashing for a lifetime. Exterior flashing does not even require the installers to perform any task from inside the home. 

Velux Skylights Don’t Leak

Velux skylights are manufactured with superior materials with great attention to detail, which offers great resistance against any kind of weather condition. Also, a complete sealing system and beautiful curb gasket give the most reliable protection to the skylight surface. 

Velux carries an exclusive range of energy-efficient skylights. This allows users to easily upgrade their existing old or inefficient skylights with these new models that offer aesthetic style and energy-saving capability.

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