Not sure how skylights or sun tunnels might brighten up your home? Have a look at our inspiration gallery to excite your creativity!


Light up your bedroom with natural light with a more secure method than a mere window.


Add light and ventilation to your bathroom while maintaining your privacy.

Living Room

Nothing brightens up a home more than natural light. But it can be tricky to draw the light from the sun all the way into the center of your room. That’s where skylights come in. Your home will never look or feel the same.


You won’t believe the transformation of your dining area with the addition of natural light and ventilation, and neither will your guests! Check out the before and after photos.


Closets can be a difficult space to get light into. You’ve never seen your closet like this before!


Finally be able to find things and see what you’re doing in the garage!


Sun Tunnels

A Sun Tunnel is a tubular skylight which extends from the roof through the ceiling to deliver natural daylight into any area of the home. It can be used in dark areas that normally cannot utilize standard windows or skylights, such as closets, hallways and bathrooms.

Hallway & Top Of Stairs

Hallways are notorious dark spots in homes. But not anymore. Skylights and sun tunnels can brighten up the most difficult locations.

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