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At Alberta Skylights, our passion is transforming houses into homes using natural light and ventilation. From consultation to clean up, we strive to make this process as easy and natural as the light itself.
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Alberta Skylights is the most trusted name in everything skylights in the Edmonton area.


It starts with our owner and founder, Ryan, who is a Certified Red Seal Journeyman Roofer and Certified Velux Skylight Installer. With decades in the roofing industry, Ryan has seen it all and fixed it all. Nothing about a roof or skylight surprises him, and that will shine through just like the sunlight into your home!

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Not Sure What You're Looking For In A Skylight?

Skylights and sun tunnels come in many forms and options. It can be a daunting task to choose the right skylight or sun tunnel for your home – or even to know when each one is best utilized!

Consult the materials below to get answers to your questions!

As a Velux Certified Installer, you can rest assured that Alberta Skylights can install anything you see here under the most rigorous best practices. 

The Top Three Reasons Why Skylights Are A Home Essential

#1 Create A Healthier and More Comfortable Living Environment

Hate the smell of dinner that was served hours ago? Hate knowing that you are breathing in chemicals that are released by synthetic materials such as paint, carpet and upholstered furniture? By opening a skylight in your home you will allow these smells and toxins to escape through the roof. This will increase your indoor air quality, making for a better night’s sleep and a much fresher, healthier environment to live in.

#2 Reduce Dependency on Air Conditioning

Opening your vertical window is not enough to cool your home, another reason that we rely on air conditioners. When you add venting skylights to the highest points of your home, you will create the stack effect. The stack effect works by drawing in fresh air from the vertical windows, in conjunction with opening programmable skylights, the hot air will be pulled out through the skylight. This leaves you with a natural fresh breeze in your home, greatly reducing the need to keep your air conditioner running all summer long, saving you more money.

#3 Reduce Electricity & get more daylight into your home

Reduce the need for electricity during the peak hours of the day. Enjoy natural light that makes colors appear truer. Unlike vertical windows, which provide daylight to the perimeter areas of your home, skylights provide balanced daylight into your home, filling the room with natural light. Did you know that a skylight provides twice the amount of daylight as a vertical window?

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